Bespoke Facials and Massages for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Man Tan exclusive for an instant bronzed holiday glow.


Express Treatments for busy working professionals with minimum time.

The Groomed Gentleman

Gentleman’s grooming is important to us

We have selected a tailored treatment menu especially for you.

Over the years we have listened to our male clients to find out want is important to them and homed in on their everyday grooming needs.

 Save time and energy with our grooming essentials, great for busy lifestyles, holiday preparation, work event, client meeting, interview or special occasions.

Compliment a great suit with tidy groomed hands (The Gentlemen’s Manicure) tame unruly eyebrows (Eyebrow Wax) and even a Man Tan for an extra healthy glow.

When you look good, you feel good, which gives you the confidence to start the day,the right way.

Waxing Hair Removal

Outback Organics waxing system targets thick, stubborn, course hair. Even the most sensitive of skins can use our wax.

If you previously have experienced soreness, redness, spots we recommend trying our organic hair removal system.

Perfect for a less painful experience targeting unwanted hair on the face or body.

Price List

Waxing AreaCost
Back and Shoulders£30
Full Leg£32
Half Leg£23

Mind & Body Therapy

These days we spend more and more time working than anticipated. Our bodies are not made for endless hours of sitting at our desks.

This can result in neck and back pain, headaches, eyestrain, repetitive elbow strain (from typing) and overall body tension.

Our Mind and Body massages are focused on relieving all of the above work/home office complaints.




Rescue Back Massage

Short on time and in need of some TLC?

This rescue back, neck and shoulder massage focus on breaking down the knots and relieving stress and tension in the muscles.

A nice pick me up on your lunch break or in between meetings.

25 Mins

25 Mins – £45


Peace of Mind Massage

A head massage with a strong focus to relieve a stressed out and overworked mind.

We start with inhalations to bring focus to the breath. Then targeted pressure points to home in on tension areas of the head. Followed by controlled stroking and compressions.

We use Indian head massage techniques to relieve headaches and calm the mind.

30 Mins

30 Mins – £45


Serenity Massage

A harmonious massage using Swedish techniques, known as the calming classic massage. This body treatment consists of long connective strokes to warm up the muscles, gentle frictions and vibrations to release muscle tension and kneading to eliminate knots in the back especially.

Perfect for everyone, especially those seeking a pampering and calming massage with less pressure.

55 Mins

55 Mins – £65


Power Workout Massage

This is a firm remedial massage to focus on overworked muscles and joints. The remedial technique has a deeper approach to working on the body. To focus on active clients who do physical jobs, gym goers, cyclists and runners.

The remedial style is firm and deep-pressured strokes and uses single pressure points to target areas of pain. Stretching, wringing and kneading massage strokes are also performed in a great massage sequence for a relaxed and de-stressing experience.

Perfect for all clients with an active lifestyle who prefer a firm pressured massage.


55 Mins

55 Mins – £65


Back Detox

A detoxifying back cleanse to eliminate congestion.

This is a purifying back treatment to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, steam/extract impurities and massage.

Congestion of the skin on the back is can be caused by a hormonal imbalance internally, excess sweat, overproductive oil excretion and stress.

We treat these concerns with a great sequence of cleansing products and pure aromatic oils such as Tea tree and Lemon. Known for their antiseptic and deep cleansing properties.

Perfect for those who suffer from breakouts and acne or who are looking for a deep cleansing back treatment.


55 Mins

55 Mins – £65


The Hangover Remedy Massage & Facial

Sore head and aching body? This is the morning after solution to the night before.

We will focus on draining the toxins out of the body and breaking down knots and tight aching muscles. Relaxing and calming strokes are applied to help soothe and de-stress.  Head and neck massage is also performed within this treatment to relieve headaches that come with most hangovers.

Enjoy a gentlemen’s fusion facial which uses a series of tropical based products to cleanse, polish, relieve puffy swollen eyes, with a specialised eye massage and brighten dull and dehydrated skin with our moisture quenching hydration facial mask/ moisturiser to replenish and nourish all skin types.

Complete Hangover cure helping to treat a sore head, face and tired aching muscles, from top to toe.

90 Mins

90 Mins – £99


Tanning Treatment

The Man Tan delivers a sun-kissed complexion all year round.

Forget looking pasty and give yourself a glow without looking orange in appearance. The colour is a natural bronzed look.

Please Note

Exfoliate the face/body at home in shower before arrival and black underwear and black loose clothing is required.




The Man Tan

We use mitts and an organic tanning lotion that is carefully applied to the body and face. Mitts spread the tan evenly with a streak-free outcome.

 No cold sprays or uncomfortable tanning booths. This is a more enjoyable experience done in the treatment room.

Man Tan lasts up to 7 days.  Can last even longer if you moisturise twice a day.

30 Mins

30 Mins – £30


Gentlemen’s Facial Treatments

Men’s skin is quite different to woman’s skin. Pores are more enlarged, leading to clogged pores, excess oil is produced and skin can be prone to ingrown hairs and feel sensitive from shaving.

We have created Bespoke Facials to target all these concerns, helping to give a full deep cleansing treatment.

Here we offer two very different types of facials for you to decide – The Gentlemen’s Fusion Facial and the Vitamin Infusion Facial

The Gentlemen’s Fusion Facial

This facial is a luxurious and relaxing facial using tropical ingredients. Effectively deep cleanses the skin using organic fruit extracts and plant nutrients to energise the skin and bring dull skin back to life. This facial specialises in Microdermabrasion, this is a gentle exfoliating system to lift ingrown hairs and brighten and smooth.

Microdermabrasion sounds like an abrasive treatment but it’s simply a gentle exfoliation system that removes the dead skin while releasing healing salts to the face.

A must to remove dry flaky skin, help with acne scarring, lift ingrown hairs and deeply but yet gently cleanse congested pores.

Please note this is an add-on to the Gentlemen’s Fusion (60mins) Facial, as extra time is needed.

The Vitamin Infusion Facial

This facial is a customized treatment to push vitamins, peptides and antioxidants into the skin with clever and state of the art machinery. These ingredients have been proven to help with anti-ageing, skin damage, acne scarring and any skin types in general. Stimulating but yet relaxing sensations to kick-start and invigorate tired, dull-looking skin. For the best results, we would recommend a course of 6.




Gentlemen’s Fusion Facial

A Tropical Facial Supreme

 A hand’s on purifying face treatment.  An organic approach using tropical ingredients such as coffee and cactus extract for brightening of dull skin and antioxidants to protect against pollution.

Peppermint, Cedarwood and Patchouli are blended within the Look Good moisturiser to energise and awake the skin.

Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation to gently vacuum over the skin to lift ingrown hairs to give a bright and smooth complexion. After exfoliation any other product you apply will penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing the skin the feed in the nutrients quicker.

Steam and extraction for removal of impurities, facial massage, an active mask is applied and tone/moisturise to replenish.

A purifying and pampering facial for all skin types including sensitive ones, who would like a thorough exfoliation and a cleanout of clogged pores. Brighten lifeless skin and lift ingrown hairs from the beard area.

30 Mins

60 Mins

30 Mins – £45

60 Mins – £65



Vitamin Infusion Facial

A facial workout experience like no other!

This is an advanced facial treatment using cutting edge equipment. Our equipment has two separate facial functions.

Firstly we use a clever probing wand, which creates a sound wave effect and creates a path for the vitamins to travel down to the lower levels of the skin, called the dermis.

Vitamins A, C and E is applied. To treat all skin types and concerns.

Secondly, we apply a stimulating mask. Once the mask has set, we use special clips that attach to the mask to create a relaxing facial workout.

A head, neck and shoulder is performed while we leave the mask to work its magic. Then a vitamin spray and moisture quench to finish.

Perfect for anyone looking for longer lasting results. We target more than one skin concern such as ageing, sun damage, dryness, loose skin and sensitivity.  Suitable for all skins but especially for those who want a stimulating facial treatment to plump, hydrate and lift the skin.

60 Mins

90 Mins

60 Mins – £65

90 Mins – £100



Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal is a long-term process for removing unwanted hair permanently.

Do you suffer from unwanted hair on the back and shoulders? Do you wish you could get rid of it?

Does waxing or other forms of hair removals make you sore or give you a rash? We are happy to give you a better solution.

Our diode triple wavelength laser machine is the latest on the market (2021 Model). Laser light goes into the hair shaft and converts to heat to disable the hair at the root. We are able to treat the lightest of hairs and all different skin types with this latest technology.

Hair must be at the beginning stages of growth for the root to be disabled and destroyed so a course of 6/8 sessions is required minimum.

We offer 0% Finance payment plans & bespoke packages.

A free consultation and patch test will be carried out before treatment is given to ensure we understand all your unwanted hair needs.

Please Note

Payment Plan is available with our spread the cost monthly memberships for a more affordable option. (A course of 8 sessions paid over 8 months)

Laser AreaNormal Price per TreatmentCourse of 8 Price per Treatment
Full Back
& Shoulders
£125£125 £100
£125£125 £100
£50£50 £40
£45£45 £36
Half Leg
£125£125 £100
Neck£45£45 £36
Centre Eyebrow
£25£25 £20
Full Arm
£100£100 £80
Half Arm
£55£55 £44
£125£125 £100

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